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Important Update!

Hello, Beautiful People! 


First I want to say thank you all for everything.  Your unwavering support and overwhelming love have truly been a blessing to me and Oliver's Twist as a whole. Your enthusiasm has deepened my passion for food and has allowed me to both honor my father's legacy and pursue my dreams. For this, I am eternally thankful.


This isn't an announcement of the end of Oliver's Twist but, rather an announcement of its' reimagining. Saturday, June 8th, marks the final day of our regular operations for takeout and dine-in. So, we will no longer maintain our previous Wednesday to Saturday opening hours.


But, as I mentioned this is not the end. It is just a different twist. Oliver's Twist will now offer space rental services, catering, meal prep services, and personal chef services. Additionally, we'll be hosting brunch events and pop ups. 


We sincerely hope that your support continues with us during this transition. We are excited for this new twist and we are even more excited to share everything with you. We have beautiful things in store and we hope you stick around to witness it all.


Please stay connected with us for all upcoming announcements and dates via IG @oliverstwistrestaurnat 

Facebook: Hot Chef Azzinaro and our website 


With all my love, 

Staci Azzinaro 


Peace & blessings! 

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